North Gaia Prices Review – An Honest Look at Their Costs

As the Singapore property market grows, careful homebuyers look for good value. They focus on executive condominiums (ECs) that are well-priced. North Gaia, in lively Yishun, is catching many eyes. We will explore the north gaia prices, north gaia pricing, and north gaia cost evaluation in detail. This review is for those looking to buy honestly.

We start by looking at how North Gaia’s prices are set. The developer, Sing Holdings Limited, has structured them thoughtfully. The launch day average price stood at $1,302 per square foot (psf). The pricing range for a 3-bedroom unit was a fair $1,140,000 ($1,177 psf). Sing Holdings got a deal on the land, at $576 psf per plot ratio. This lower cost helps keep prices down. It’s actually lower than what other recent ECs have paid for land around here.

Key Takeaways

  • North Gaia has competitive prices, starting at $1,302 psf and $1,140,000 for 3-bedroom units ($1,177 psf).
  • The developer secured the land at a lower cost of $576 psf ppr. This has helped in keeping prices attractive compared to others in the area.
  • These affordable prices open the doors to many buyers, including first-timers and families.
  • The development’s great location, amenities, and overall value make it a top pick in the EC market.
  • Buyers should look closely at North Gaia’s north gaia pricing, north gaia subscription costs, and north gaia affordability analysis. Make sure it fits your investment plans and budget.

Introduction to North Gaia Executive Condominium

North Gaia is an executive condominium (EC) in Yishun, Singapore. It’s made by Sing Holdings Limited, a top property developer locally.2 This place is on Yishun Avenue 9, near the beautiful Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. It has1616 units in 11 blocks, each 14 storeys high.

Developer: Sing Holdings Limited

Location: Yishun Avenue 9, Next to Khatib Bongsu Nature Park

Total Units: 616 Units in 11 Blocks of 14 Storeys

North Gaia is the first new executive condominium project in Yishun after 6 years.2 Living here means enjoying the peace next to Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. But, it’s also easy to get to other parts of Singapore.

Detailed Price Analysis of North Gaia EC

On its launch day, units at North Gaia EC sold for about $1,302 a square foot (psf). The cheapest unit, a 3-bedroom home, was priced at $1,140,000 ($1,177 psf).1

Sing Holdings Limited, the developer, bought a site of 21,514 square meters for $373.5 million. This means the land cost was $576 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr). Since the land was not too expensive, the units were priced well for buyers.

Launch Day Average Price: $1,302 psf

Pricing Range: From $1,140,000 for a 3-Bedder ($1,177 psf)

Land Cost: $576 psf ppr

Comparison with Nearby Executive Condominiums

In comparison to other new executive condominiums in the area, North Gaia’s pricing is more attractive. Parc Central Residences in Tampines was priced higher at $578 psf ppr. On the other hand, Provence Residence in Canberra Crescent was cheaper at $566 psf ppr. Due to this, North Gaia is able to set its prices lower, making it a better deal for buyers.

DevelopmentLand Cost (psf ppr)
North Gaia$576
Parc Central Residences$578
Provence Residence$566

The north gaia price comparison shows it’s more affordably priced than north gaia vs parc central residences and north gaia vs provence residence. This is because North Gaia got a better deal on land costs. So, North Gaia can offer better prices for people looking to buy.

North Gaia Prices Review

The review of North Gaia‘s pricing shows it’s very competitive and attractive. One reason is the lower land cost of $576 psf ppr. This is less than what recent EC launch sites nearby paid. Thanks to this, North Gaia prices are lower. The 3-bedroom units start from $1,140,000 ($1,177 psf), which is a great deal for buyers.1

Competitive Pricing Due to Lower Land Cost

The company behind North Gaia is Sing Holdings (Yishun) Pte Ltd. They bought the 21,514 sqm site for $373.5 million. This means the land cost is $576 psf ppr. This lower land price helps keep North Gaia‘s prices down.

Attractive Entry Prices Compared to Recent EC Launches

At the start, North Gaia units sold for an average of $1,302 per square foot (psf). The cheapest 3-bedroom unit started at $1,140,000 ($1,177 psf). This price is very good news for buyers looking at recent EC launches in the area.

Unit Types and Configurations at North Gaia

North Gaia in Yishun is an executive condominium (EC) with 616 units. It has eleven 14-storey blocks, mostly filled with 3-bedroom units.

It’s great for people who need flexible spaces. North Gaia has 3-bedroom units with a yard and a study area. This allows for making a guest room or a spot for hobbies. It lets everyone match their homes to their lifestyles.

There are also 4 and 5-bedroom units at North Gaia for big families. These units work well for extended families. They offer plenty of space and the flexibility to grow with the family.

Branded Interior Provisions and Facilities

North Gaia has top-notch kitchen appliances3. These come from the famous French brand, Brandt. Also, you’ll find fancy bathroom stuff by the top German brand, Grohe.3 These brands promise quality, long life, and modern style. They make living at North Gaia executive condominium (EC) very nice.

Kitchen Appliances by Brandt

Brandt is a well-respected French maker of home gadgets. They provide gas hobs and ovens for North Gaia’s kitchens.3 Brandt items are known for working great, saving energy, and looking good. They fit right in with North Gaia’s beautiful designs.

Sanitary Wares and Fittings by Grohe

Grohe, a top name in Germany for bathroom gear, beautifies North Gaia’s bathrooms.3 With Grohe’s top-tier stuff, living at North Gaia feels like a treat. It’s like having a spa in your own place.

Comprehensive Facilities Across 5 Zones

North Gaia includes lots more than just nice home stuff. It features five zones filled with cool stuff for everyone to enjoy. You can find pools, places to work together, and even tennis courts. Plus, there are gardens of different styles for chilling out.

Investment Potential of North Gaia EC

North Gaia is set to bloom with the ongoing growth in northern Singapore. It will see more economy and better places to live. The area will be close to the new Rapid Transit System (RTS) link. This link connects Woodlands in Singapore to Johor Bahru in Malaysia. It makes North Gaia an even more attractive spot for investors and residents.

Transformation of North Region

The north of Singapore is changing a lot to get more economy and new places. This big change will help North Gaia grow. It is in just the right place to benefit from these new things.

Proximity to Upcoming Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link to Johor

Being very close to the new RTS link between Singapore and Malaysia is great for North Gaia. This new link will make it easy to get to places. It makes North Gaia an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest.


In conclusion, North Gaia executive condominium stands out with its great prices. This is thanks to the low cost of the land it’s built on. The place offers various unit types that fit different families. It also comes with top-notch interiors and facilities. Its location in the growing north of Singapore adds to its value.

The starting price at North Gaia was $1,302 per square foot. The lowest 3-bedroom unit cost $1,140,000. Prices for these units range from $1,221 to $1,974 per square foot.4 This makes North Gaia an amazing choice for those looking for a quality place in northern Singapore.

To sum up, North Gaia is a great pick for both buyers and those looking to invest. It offers good prices, many unit options, and great facilities. Plus, its location is set for big growth. This makes North Gaia a top choice for many.


What is the launch day average price of North Gaia EC?

On launch day, the average price for North Gaia EC was $1,302 per square foot (psf).

What is the pricing range for a 3-bedroom unit at North Gaia?

A 3-bedroom unit at North Gaia starts at $1,140,000. This is about $1,177 per square foot.

What was the land cost paid by the developer, Sing Holdings Limited, for the North Gaia site?

Sing Holdings Limited paid $373.5 million for the 21,514 sqm site. This made the land cost $576 psf ppr.

How does the pricing of North Gaia compare to other recent executive condominium launches in the vicinity?

Compared to other ECs, North Gaia is priced well. Parc Central Residences in Tampines cost more at $578 psf ppr. Provence Residence in Canberra Crescent was cheaper, at $566 psf ppr.

What unit types and configurations are available at North Gaia?

North Gaia has a variety of unit types. 85% are 3-bedroom units. There are also 3-bedroom + yard + study layouts, and 4 and 5-bedroom options for big families.

What are the branded interior provisions and facilities available at North Gaia?

High-quality brands furnish North Gaia. This includes Brandt for kitchen appliances and Grohe for sanitary wares. The complex also has five zones of facilities for residents.

What is the investment potential of North Gaia EC?

Investing in North Gaia is a smart move. The area is growing, promising more jobs and better infrastructure. Plus, it’s close to the new RTS link between Woodlands and Johor Bahru.