Altura EC – New Condo in Bukit Batok by Qingjian Realty

Altura EC is coming to Bukit Batok. It’s by Qingjian Realty. They make homes that are beautiful and practical. Altura EC is their newest project. People who want to buy a home like the price. Executive condos are special in Singapore. The last home was sold on March 4, 20241.

You can see the show flat if you make an appointment. It lets you see the place yourself. You can also get special prices and discounts. The price of Altura EC will be shared soon. People are already signing up to see it first, which shows they really want these homes.

Altura EC

Key Takeaways

  • Altura EC is an upcoming executive condominium in Bukit Batok by Qingjian Realty.
  • The latest unit was sold on March 4, 20241.
  • Potential buyers are encouraged to visit the show flat for firsthand experience.
  • Registration for the VVIP Preview has commenced.
  • Altura EC promises luxurious living spaces at attractive prices.

Introduction to Altura EC

Altura EC by Qingjian Realty is a luxury and convenient place in Bukit Batok. It is near many shops and transport options. It offers a high-end lifestyle that’s easy to reach.

Overview of Altura EC

Altura EC has 360 rooms, which is not too many. This means more privacy and quiet for everyone2. The property is on 134,000 square feet and has three tall buildings2. Every home shares about 370 square feet of common area2. It is in District D23, around Bukit Panjang/Choa Chu Kang3.

Location and Accessibility

Altura EC is close to new MRT stations. This makes getting around easy for everyone. It’s at Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, perfect for families and working folks. Qingjian Realty wants to make living here special for all.

Developer’s Vision

Qingjian Realty wants Altura EC to lead in modern homes. The place has a big pool, gardens, and a camping area2. There’s also a tennis court and rooms with a gym and BBQ area2. They offer both luxury and ease, making it a model for future homes.

Altura EC Location and Connectivity

Altura EC is in a growing area called Bukit Batok. It’s very easy for people to get around from here. Residents can walk to Bukit Batok MRT station and the Bus Interchange in just 15 minutes1.

Proximity to MRT Stations

Being close to MRT stations is a big plus for Altura EC. Soon, the Tengah and Tengah Park MRT stations will be ready. They’re part of the Jurong Regional Line. This will make it even easier for Altura EC people to travel1. Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak MRT stations are already helping a lot.

Road Networks and Highways

Altura EC is also near important highways like the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE). This makes going to different places in Singapore fast. These roads make living at Altura EC even better.

The Developer: Qingjian Realty

Qingjian Realty has been a big name in Singapore’s real estate world since 2008. They are famous for making cool and smart homes. Projects like Jadescape and Forett at Bukit Timah show their love for great design and comfy homes.

Company Background

Started in 2008, Qingjian Realty quickly became important in Singapore’s property scene. They’re known for creating awesome and green homes. Being in charge of Altura EC shows they only make top quality projects.

Track Record and Awards

Qingjian Realty has won many awards, proving they’re great at what they do. They’ve made places like Jadescape and Forett at Bukit Timah. These spots show they’re good at making homes that are both fancy and comfy.

They always aim for the best and it shows in their work. Altura EC will be another example of their amazing homes in Singapore.4

Altura EC Floor Plans

Altura EC mixes modern design with practicality in its floor plans. This new condo in Bukit Batok has units from 3 to 5 bedrooms. It’s great for both couples and families.

Unit Mix and Layouts

Altura EC floor plans are well thought out, making living spaces comfortable. It offers types like 3 Bedroom Premium + Study and 5 Bedroom Premium + Flexi. Out of 180 units, 179 of the 3 Bedroom + Study type are sold, showing high demand. The 3 Bedroom Premium + Study units have a monthly fee of $1,4174.

The project has 360 units on a site of 12,449.3 sqm1. Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction won the project with a $266 million bid, promising high quality5. The plan offers many layout choices to fit various lifestyles. Each plan is online for download, helping buyers make choices from home.

Downloadable Floor Plans

Altura EC’s detailed floor plans are ready to download. This helps buyers understand how spaces are used. People can look at different unit styles easily online. The goal is to help residents picture their new homes and choose what fits their needs best.

Altura EC has a great mix of units, aiming to meet many needs. The downloadable plans help buyers pick their perfect home in Bukit Batok’s new condo.

Top-notch Amenities at Altura EC

Altura EC offers a truly fancy lifestyle. It has many different amenities for everyone’s tastes and needs. These make living here both comfy and modern.

Communal Facilities

The pool at Altura EC is big and nice for fun swims or exercise. There’s also an indoor gym with lots of equipment for staying fit. The clubhouse is a great spot for events and meetings with friends2.

Other fun spots include the Maze and Chess Garden, Glamping Ground, and tennis court. There are also places for BBQs. All these make the community lively and enjoyable2.

Altura EC amenities

Nearby Shopping and Dining

Le Quest Mall and West Mall are close by for easy shopping and eating out. This adds to the fancy living at Bukit Batok5. You can find all you need or enjoy fancy meals without going far.

This easy reach to shops and restaurants near Altura EC makes life here extra nice. Everything you need is close by6.

Pricing and Financing Options

Altura EC’s pricing matches the posh price tags of executive condos in Singapore. No official prices yet, but expect good deals. These prices will fit the executive condo market well.

Indicative Prices

Altura EC is made to be affordable yet fancy. You can choose from different kinds of units. The 3 Premium + Study units are at $1,417 PSF7. The 4 Deluxe + Flexi are between $1,428 and $1,443 PSF7. Also, the 5 Premium + Flexi units range from $1,436 to $1,502 PSF7. Out of 360 units, 334 have found owners, showing a sale rate of 92.78%4.

Progressive Payment Scheme

Buyers should learn about the progressive payment scheme. It lets you pay in parts, based on how much is built. This method makes it easier to handle payments. With options like 3-bedroom or 5-bedroom units, investors have many choices under this plan4.

Loan Eligibility and Calculators

There are tools on-site to check loan eligibility. They show if you’re ready financially, considering Singapore’s dynamic condo market. It’s important to know your financial status. These tools, along with advice on subsidies and payments, help a lot4.

Unit TypeUnits AvailableUnits SoldPrice Range (PSF)
3 Premium + Study1179$1,417
4 Deluxe + Flexi5100$1,428 – $1,443
4 Premium + Flexi030
5 Premium + Flexi2025$1,436 – $1,502

Altura EC Show Flat

The Altura EC Show Flat lets people see their possible new homes in person. It is near important places. Here, people get to learn all about this fancy place. They will find out about the 360 homes over a big space of 12,449.3 square meters1.

Visitors can see different homes, like 3 or 4 bedrooms. Prices start at $1.348 million and $1.668 million8. It’s important to make an appointment to see everything well.

Booking a visit helps you see the place without rush. The visit is fun and shows everything you can enjoy there. This includes a big pool, gym, and a clubhouse1. You’ll also learn about 5-bedroom homes starting at $2.188 million8.

Making an appointment means you get direct prices and special deals. The sales place teaches you about the building’s area and size. It helps you really understand what’s being built8. Visit the Altura EC Show Flat to start on getting your new fancy home.

Nearby Schools and Educational Institutions

Altura EC lies in a spot full of chances for learning. It has 360 homes. It’s perfect for families who value good education for their kids5.

Primary and Secondary Schools

Near Altura EC, many schools can be found.

Bukit View Secondary School, Lianhua Primary, and St. Anthony’s Primary are close, within 2 km5. Bukit Batok Secondary School is also easy to get to from here. This means students have lots of places to learn nearby9.

Tertiary Institutions

Older kids have good options too at Altura EC.

Milennia Institute and other schools are not far. This helps make sure kids can follow their dreams. It also makes Altura EC a popular place for families. They like living close to great schools5.

Recreational Activities and Nature Spots

Altura EC is a place surrounded by green areas and modern perks. People here can enjoy many fun activities and visit different nature spots.

Nearby Parks and Nature Reserves

Altura EC is next to peaceful Bukit Batok Nature Park and Bukit Batok Town Park. These places offer calm spots for rest and outdoor fun. They are loved by everyone. You can also easily get to Dairy Farm Nature Park and Little Guilin. They are perfect for family trips and walks.

Leisure and Sports Activities

Altura EC has many options for fun activities, both on its grounds and nearby. Its green setting and modern features are great for running, biking, and picnics. There are pools, gyms, and bowling alleys for different tastes10. Jurong Lake Gardens and the soon-to-come Tengah Town have great spots for biking. They also offer outdoor features that focus on eco-friendly living10. Being in District 23 means residents are close to many parks. This helps everyone live a healthy life5.

Leisure ActivityLocationDescription
JoggingBukit Batok Nature ParkScenic paths perfect for morning jogs and walks
CyclingJurong Lake GardensDedicated cycling paths amidst lush greenery
PicnickingDairy Farm Nature ParkPopular for family picnics and relaxation
SwimmingAltura EC PremisesModern pools available for residents


Altura EC is a symbol of style and luxury in Bukit Batok. It comes from the respected Qingjian Realty. This place has 360 homes from 3 to 5 bedrooms. It got nine bids at its tender11. That shows many people love this project. It is also near the Tengah “Forest Town” and close to Bukit Gombak MRT station11.

At its launch on 5 August 2023, 220 homes were sold. This is 61% of all homes, at $1,433 per square foot12. Prices are good, like other new places. You can walk to many shops and get to big roads fast. This means living here is cosy and easy12.

The homes have things that save energy and solar panels. This makes living there good for the planet13. Close schools and fun places are great for families and workers. In the end, Altura EC offers beautiful homes and a smart choice for life and investment in Singapore13.


What is Altura EC by Qingjian Realty?

Altura EC is a new Executive Condominium in Bukit Batok. It’s by Qingjian Realty. It offers luxury living and great amenities.

Where is Altura EC located?

Altura EC sits in Bukit Batok, along Bukit Batok West Avenue 8. It’s near many amenities and MRT stations.

What is the vision of Qingjian Realty for Altura EC?

Qingjian Realty wants Altura EC to showcase luxury, ease, and green living. It aims to set a new standard for executive condos in Singapore.

How is the connectivity around Altura EC?

Altura EC is close to Tengah and Tengah Park MRT Stations. Also, it’s near Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak MRT Stations. It has easy links to PIE and AYE expressways too.

What types of units are available at Altura EC?

Altura EC has units with 3 to 5 bedrooms. They meet various family sizes and needs. The layouts make the most of available space and comfort.

Are floor plans available for Altura EC units?

Yes, floor plans for Altura EC units are up for download. They help buyers make choices from where they are.

What amenities are available at Altura EC?

Altura EC has a lot of facilities. There’s a big pool, gym, and clubhouse. Le Quest Mall and West Mall are close for shopping and eating out.

What is the pricing like for Altura EC?

The exact price for Altura EC is still not out. But, it will have good rates for subsidized condos. People interested should join the VVIP Preview for more info.

How can I visit the Altura EC Show Flat?

You can book a visit to see the Altura EC Show Flat. It’s a chance to check out the luxury spaces and finishes.

What schools are near Altura EC?

Close to Altura EC are schools like Swiss Cottage Secondary School. Also, Dulwich College and Millennia Institute are near. It’s great for families.

What recreational activities and nature spots are near Altura EC?

Near Altura EC, there’s fun activities and nature spots. You can explore Dairy Farm Nature Park, Little Guilin, and Jurong Lake Gardens.

How can I find out if I qualify for a loan to purchase a unit at Altura EC?

At the site, there are tools to check loan eligibility. Plus, you can get advice on finance options. This helps buyers make smart choices.