Lumina Grand EC Pros: Unlocking the Best of Condo Living

Lumina Grand EC is in Singapore’s Bukit Batok area, making it a top choice for luxury living.1 CDL, the maker, has designed it for an amazing life with the best location, green features, and cool extras.

Key Takeaways

  • Lumina Grand EC is a premium executive condominium development in Singapore’s Bukit Batok area, offering residents a luxurious and convenient lifestyle.
  • The development is strategically located with seamless connectivity to major transportation hubs and amenities.
  • Lumina Grand EC boasts a range of exceptional recreational facilities and smart home features, elevating the overall living experience.
  • The development’s sustainable design, including BCA Green Mark Platinum Certification, promotes eco-friendly living.
  • Lumina Grand EC presents an attractive investment opportunity due to its prime location and the growth potential of the Jurong region.

Lumina Grand EC: A Strategic Location Advantage

Lumina Grand EC has a top spot in Bukit Batok. It connects residents to the whole of Singapore easily.2 Close to many MRT stations, residents can reach different city areas fast. They can go to big business and commercial areas too.3

Proximity to Major Expressways for Easy Commute

The site is near the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). This makes traveling around Singapore simple and smooth.4 Residents find it easy to move from place to place in the city.

Walkable Distances to Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment

Lumina Grand EC is a short walk to many great places to shop, eat, and have fun. Residents can visit places like Bukit Batok West Shopping Centre and Westgate easily. They also have access to Le Quest Mall and West Mall.4 This makes their daily life full of fun and options for leisure activities.

Lumina Grand EC: Embracing Sustainable Living

Lumina Grand EC is an example of living sustainably. It has a5 BCA Green Mark Platinum Certification. This means it uses eco-friendly features and aims for energy efficiency and to be environmentally kind5. It has EV charging stations. This helps residents use cars that are kinder to the earth, making it easier to reduce their carbon footprint25.

BCA Green Mark Platinum Certification

The certification shows Lumina Grand EC’s strong effort in being green. It is recognized for having energy-saving features. These reduce its harm to the environment5.

Promoting Green Transportation Alternatives

Lumina Grand EC focuses on green transport too. It has on-site EV charging stations2. This helps residents use cleaner cars. It’s a great way to lower their carbon footprint and live in a more earth-friendly way5.

Lumina Grand EC changes the game in eco-living. It gives residents a way to live that’s good for the planet. This involves offering a lifestyle that saves energy and cares for the environment5.

Lumina Grand EC Pros: Elevating Lifestyle and Amenities

Lumina Grand EC makes life better for everyone living there. It has many upscale facilities and amenities. These make everyday life much better.2

Inside, you’ll find a 50m swimming pool, a gym, BBQ spots, and tennis courts. They give everyone lots of ways to enjoy themselves and stay healthy.2

Luxurious Facilities for Recreation and Leisure

Lumina Grand EC is also very modern. It has smart home features. This includes appliances that you can operate with your voice or phone. Also, you can keep your home safe with smart cameras and locks.2

Modern Smart Home Features for Convenience

The place is full of life, too. There are things to do for people of every age. You can join in craft or cooking classes. Or, you can have fun with sports. This makes living here enjoyable for everyone.2

Vibrant Community Life and Holistic Development

Investment Potential of Lumina Grand EC

Lumina Grand EC is a top choice for those looking to invest. It’s in a great spot in Bukit Batok. The Jurong region is growing fast, and Lumina Grand EC is close to the new Jurong Region Line (JRL). This line will make the area a better place for business and shopping. So, Lumina Grand EC is set to gain from this area’s growth. Buyers could see their investment grow over time.4

Strategic Location in Bukit Batok Town

Being in Bukit Batok means Lumina Grand EC is near major roads like the PIE and BKE. Getting around is easy for residents.4 Plus, it’s near places and schools people love. This makes Lumina Grand EC even more attractive.6

Growth of Jurong Region with Jurong Region Line

The new JRL near Lumina Grand EC is a big plus.4 It will turn the Jurong area into a lively center for business and shopping. This will raise property values there. It will also better the life and connections for Lumina Grand EC’s residents.4

Potential for Capital Appreciation and Rental Yield

Thanks to the EC supply cap, Lumina Grand EC stands to see its value go up.6 It’s already in a sought-after location near many good places. Investors will also find Lumina Grand EC perfect for making rental money over the long term. This makes it a solid choice for those looking to invest.6

lumina grand ec investment potential


Lumina Grand EC is a top-notch place to live, offering unmatched living conditions.4 It’s found in Bukit Batok, allowing easy travel and living in a green way. This makes it perfect for today’s homeowners.4

This spot is near buses and highways, and has fun spots and smart home tech.4 Plus, it’s a smart choice for investing, thanks to Jurong’s growth. Those who want a high-end, green, and future-ready home in Singapore should check it out.7

Lumina Grand EC is close to big train stops and roads, and is eco-friendly. It also offers great places to relax and modern home gadgets.4 Families will like it too, with top schools nearby. And with the Jurong Region Line, living there just keeps getting better.7

In the end, Lumina Grand EC is a fantastic choice for a modern, premium home in Singapore.4 It raises the bar for what a living place should be, mixing luxury, handiness, and earth-friendliness.7


What are the key features and benefits of living at Lumina Grand EC?

Lumina Grand EC is great for many reasons. It’s located in Bukit Batok with easy access to MRT stations and big roads. It’s built with a focus on being green, getting the top award for it. Luxurious facilities, smart home technology, and good investment chances top it off.

How convenient is the location of Lumina Grand EC?

Lumina Grand EC sits in a top spot in Bukit Batok. It’s near MRTs like Bukit Gombak and soon-to-open ones. There are big roads nearby too, making it simple to get around. Plus, shops, restaurants, and fun places are a stone’s throw away.

What sustainable features does Lumina Grand EC offer?

Lumina Grand EC loves being eco-friendly, earning the highest green honor. It has things like EV charging spots to promote using cleaner cars. This is part of its push for a greener and nicer way of living for everyone.

What kind of amenities and lifestyle offerings can residents enjoy at Lumina Grand EC?

At Lumina Grand EC, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. There’s a big pool, gym, BBQ spaces, and tennis. Also, smart tech makes living there easy, like controlling home devices with a phone. Plus, the community is lively with activities for all.

What is the investment potential of Lumina Grand EC?

Lumina Grand EC is a good choice for those looking to invest. Being near the future Jurong Region Line means it’s in a growing area. So, it could go up in value over time. It’s also a great option for renting out, with its prime location and nearby amenities.