Is It Worthwhile to Buy Executive Condo in Singapore?

Executive condominiums (ECs) offer middle-class residents a way to own a private-style condo in Singapore. They cost less than fully private condos. Benefiting from developers’ subsidies, ECs are preferred by those who make too much for public housing but can’t afford a regular condo. Here, we will look at the benefits, eligibility requirements, financing options, and regulations of buying an EC in Singapore.

Key Takeaways

  • Executive condominiums (ECs) offer a more affordable alternative to private condominiums in Singapore.
  • ECs provide access to condominium-style living with a full suite of amenities and facilities.
  • Eligibility for EC purchases is subject to certain criteria, such as household income limits and property ownership history.
  • ECs have the potential for capital appreciation, though they come with restrictions during the first 10 years of ownership.
  • Buyers should carefully consider their affordability, budget, and long-term plans when evaluating an EC purchase.

Introduction to Executive Condominiums

Executive condominiums, or ECs, offer a unique mix of public and private housing in Singapore. They are built by private developers but follow government rules. This makes them more affordable, costing 25-30% less than private condos in the same area.

What is an Executive Condominium?

An executive condominium mixes public and private aspects in its housing. Developed by private companies, they follow government-set guidelines. This way, homeowners enjoy private-style living at a more reasonable cost than fully private condominiums.

Eligibility to Buy Executive Condominiums

For Singaporeans, buying an executive condominium has special rules. One applicant must be a citizen, and the other can be a citizen or a Permanent Resident. There’s also a monthly income maximum of S$16,000.

Buyers shouldn’t have previously owned a private property in the last 30 months. Also, they can’t have bought more than one HDB, DBSS, or EC previously.

Benefits of Buying an Executive Condo

One key benefit of anexecutive condo (EC)

is their lower price. They’re about 25-30% cheaper thanprivate condos

in the same spot. Why? Because the government helps with the land costs. This cheaper price opens doors for middle-class people in Singapore to own a home. First-time buyers can even get a housing grant of up to S$30,000 from CPF.

Affordable Pricing and Discounts

ECs offer a more affordable way into condo living. Government support lowers the land cost, making ECs a great deal. This balance between affordability and luxury attracts many buyers.

Potential for Capital Appreciation

Over time, ECs can grow in value. Look at the numbers from 2012 to 2022: a 53.16% price jump. This surpasses private condos’ price growth. Once an EC becomes fully private after 10 years, you can sell it to a wider audience, including foreigners. This can push up the resale value.

Condominium Facilities and Amenities

ECs come with great amenities and facilities, like pools and gyms. They also have clubhouses and gardens. You get to live the high life at a lower cost compared to private condos. Security is 24/7, too.

is it worthwhile to buy executive condo

Comparison to Private Condominiums

Executive condos (ECs) cost 25-30% less than private condominiums. This makes them a good choice for those earning an average income. Still, there are some rules to follow. For example, buyers must live in the EC for at least 5 years before selling. Also, they can only sell to certain approved buyers for the first 10 years.

On the other hand, private condos allow more freedom. Owners can decide when to move, rent, or sell without these strict rules.

Financing Options and Eligibility

Buying an EC differs from buying a private condo. For an EC, a bank loan is needed, not an HDB loan. There’s a big downpayment of at least 25% required. Plus, there are limits on how much you can borrow.

If your family earns more than S$16,000 each month, you can’t buy an EC. But, this isn’t a problem for private condos.

Restrictions and Regulations

In Singapore, executive condominiums (ECs) have certain rules buyers should know. One key rule is the 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP). During this time, folks who own an EC can’t rent it out or sell to just anyone. They can only sell to Singaporean citizens or permanent residents.

This MOP rule is to make sure ECs are really lived in by their owners. It stops them from being used just as investments. This way, ECs stay true to their goal – giving middle-income Singaporeans a chance to have their own condo.

Selling and Renting Restrictions

Even once you’ve lived in your EC for 5 years, you can’t just sell it to anyone. For the first 10 years, it’s considered public housing. This means you can only sell to Singaporean citizens or those who are permanent residents.

After 10 years, things change. The EC becomes fully private. Then, you can sell it to anyone, even if they’re from outside Singapore. You can also rent it out without any restrictions after 10 years.

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)5 yearsDuring this time, EC owners are not allowed to rent out the entire unit or sell the property to anyone other than eligible buyers (Singaporean citizens and permanent residents).
Selling Restrictions10 yearsFor the first 10 years, ECs are considered public housing, and owners can only sell to eligible buyers (Singaporean citizens and permanent residents). After 10 years, ECs are fully privatized, and owners can sell to anyone, including foreigners.
Rental Restrictions10 yearsThe rental restrictions on ECs are lifted after the 10-year period, allowing owners to rent out their units without restrictions.

Popular Executive Condo Locations

In Singapore, executive condos (ECs) are popular in the city’s newer areas or just outside. These places have cheaper land. You can find top executive condo developments in Punggol, Sengkang, Tampines, and Tengah.

These best executive condo locations in Singapore have great links to public transport. This makes it easy for people to go to the city. They also have many amenities nearby, like malls and schools. Plus, there are lots of parks and new projects to enjoy, which makes them good for buyers.

Executive Condo LocationHighlights
PunggolPunggol is a lively town by the water, with many things to do. It has the Punggol Waterway, the Waterfront, and a new Digital District for work and tech. You can easily reach other places in Singapore from Punggol thanks to its LRT and MRT stations.
SengkangSengkang is growing fast, offering lots of shops, places to eat, and fun activities. It has beautiful parks like Sengkang Riverside Park. Getting around is easy with the LRT and MRT stations.
TampinesTampines is an established area with plenty of places to shop and live. The Tampines Expressway is close by. It’s also well connected with many MRT stations, making it a great spot for executive condo buyers.
TengahTengah is becoming a special place focusing on green living. It’s called a “Forest Town.” It will have good transport links, including a new MRT station and the nearby Jurong Region Line.

Looking at these top executive condo developments in Singapore helps buyers find what they want. They can get a place that’s affordable, easy to reach, and full of good things to enjoy.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Executive Condo

Looking into an executive condo (EC)? Make sure to check what you can afford first. Think about your income, bills, and saving up for the place. Remember, besides the condo’s cost, you’ll need to pay for legal stuff, stamp duty, and maybe fixing up the place.

Tools like the DBS MyHome Planner help you figure out how much you can spend. They show your budget and payment options clearly.

Affordability and Budgeting

Thinking of buying an executive condo? Know your money stuff well. Look at your income, debts, and if you can put down money and keep up with the bills each month.

Don’t worry, tools like the DBS MyHome Planner can help. They make it easier to plan your spending and see the best ways to pay for your condo.

Future Plans and Resale Potential

Planning to stay long in your EC or sell it later? This matters when choosing. ECs start at a good price, but you can’t sell or rent them early. This might be tough if your plans include moving within 10 years.

After 10 years, things change. You can sell easily. For some, the chance to make money as the place gets more valuable is very tempting.


Executive condominiums in Singapore offer a unique deal for those with a middle-income. They give you a taste of private living at a lower cost. Though executive condos have some rules, they work well for buyers focused on saving money, amenities, and future capital appreciation.

It’s important to look at the pros and cons of an executive condo. Also, check if you meet the eligibility and if it fits your budget and plans. Executive condos are a great choice for people wanting a private home in Singapore, thanks to their cost-efficiency and quality living.

Deciding on whether to buy an executive condo requires smart thinking. Consider your personal and financial aims. Also, study the local housing trends. Choosing wisely helps you enjoy the upside of owning a unique home in Singapore.


What is an Executive Condominium?

Executive Condominiums (ECs) are a mix of public and private housing in Singapore. They offer some perks of private condos but with a lower cost. For developers to build ECs, they must follow the government’s rules.

Who is eligible to buy an Executive Condominium in Singapore?

For one, you must be a Singapore citizen to buy an EC. The other buyer can be a citizen or a PR. Also, your monthly household income can’t be more than S$16,000. You must not have sold a private property in the last 30 months and only bought one HDB, DBSS, or EC flat before.

What are the benefits of buying an Executive Condominium?

Buying an EC comes with benefits like their lower price compared to private condos. They can also go up in value over time. Plus, you get to enjoy the facilities like those in a regular condominium.

How do Executive Condominiums differ from private condominiums?

ECs are cheaper than private condos but have some rules. For example, you must live in your EC for at least five years before you can rent or sell it. And during the first 10 years, you can only sell to certain people. After 10 years, these restrictions go away.

What are the financing options and restrictions for buying an Executive Condominium?

Buying an EC means you’ll need to use a bank loan and not an HDB loan. You’ll need a 25% downpayment. There are also rules that limit how much you can borrow, based on your income and debts. The same S$16,000 income cap applies.

What are the key regulations governing Executive Condominiums?

There’s a rule called the 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP). During this time, you can’t rent out your whole unit or sell it to just anyone. After 10 years, these rules ease up. Then, you can sell to anyone, even if they’re not from Singapore.

Where are Executive Condominiums typically located in Singapore?

You’ll find ECs in places like Punggol, Sengkang, Tampines, and Tengah. These are usually in less busy areas where the land is cheaper.

What factors should I consider when buying an Executive Condominium?

It’s important to think about what you can afford and your financial situation. Make sure you can pay the downpayment and your loan every month. Also, consider if the EC will be a good investment in the future.